GroBoto offers free flowing, intuitive, instantly satisfying creativity.

GroBoto generates ultimate quality imagery in record time — with a workspace that doesn't overwhelm you with technical details.

GroBoto is not steep or technical, — It’s a joy to use, and provides the instant visual feedback essential for your creative flow.

GroBoto is ideal for Artists & Designers who want 3D elements in their work without the pain, image quality problems and long render times that you may have come to associate with digital 3D.


The Joy of Creativity

We are different by design.

GroBoto is not not your typical 3D application.

GroBoto is Fast Fluid & Fun

Groboto is a set of 3D modeling, imaging and animation tools that let you create complex, dynamic, lyrical forms and animation with ease. All of our tools are designed to keep the creative flow alive.

Instead of fighting with the software, you collaborate with it. You’ll find yourself creating imagery you never knew you had in you.


Spend less time absorbing and more time emitting.

Sure, computers entertain us, but they are also extraordinary creative tools. The trick is to prevent them from turning creativity into tedium. We think we’ve done that.

GroBoto is a bridge between Artist & Machine, Art & Science... and just a kick to play with.

A tool for: Designers, Illustrators Video Artists & Visual Explorers

Whether you create images just for the fun of it, or just wish your work had more fun in it, you need GroBoto.

All Kinds of Art & Design

GroBoto delivers the quality, resolution, speed, and compositing options required for your work. Features like: True geometry (no polygons); Proprietary Texture technology; Inline image filtering; 32-bit error-diffusion, insure that GroBoto images are fit for any job you have in mind. GroBoto creates wonderful images on it’s own, and plays really well with others...


Ultra high quality, high resolutions images take only a minute to render and work beautifully with your 2D applications like Photoshop. All of our alpha channel options are precise & clean for flawless, flexible compositing.

Motion Graphics

GroBoto’s unique 3D ‘Kinetic Morphing’ and true 3D forms provide great abstract dimensional motion with a choice of rendering styles. It’s alpha channels of unparalleled quality and a variety of flavors allow perfect compositing in Final Cut, Motion, After Effects or any Film/Video/Animation program.


Create elegant design elements. A truly infinite variety of abstract forms and compositions emerge with just a few clicks. The quality and resolution demands of designing for print are easily handled by GroBoto — without long render times.

3D Modeling & Imaging

Make stunning 3D images at very high resolution in no time. Easily create unique models with a level of richness & complexity that no other tool can match. Export those models to kick start your work in ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Bryce, Maya, 3DS Max, Vue, Carrara, Lightwave (or any other 3D applications as that support the .OBJ format).


Create something with that Electronic  Box.

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