Instructions & Tips for the arcPin Gizmo

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arcPin Elements

1. Deflector Slider

Tilt this Disc (see Using a Slider, below) with the mouse. Deflect the small balls [3], towards the targets.

2. Ball Feeder

Fires two small balls [3] towards the Deflector repeatedly.

3. Balls

Fired at the deflector by the Feeder (Balls shown in flight).

4. Bouncing Target Pin

Hit this Pin as it bounces around in front of the big blue disc.

5. Scoring Wheels & Pegs

These high-scoring Pegs [5b] are hidden when the Gizmo starts. Revealed by hitting the Wheels [5] with the balls.

6. Scoring Buttons

These high-scoring buttons start out on the radial arms. Hitting  them with the balls, moves them onto the big blue disc.

arcPin Game Play:

The basic goal is hitting the Bouncing Pin with the Balls. The biggest scores are had when you deflect the Pin into either the Scoring Pegs or Buttons.


  1. Get the Scoring Pegs [5b] into place first then concentrate on hitting the Bouncing Pin. Be careful not to hit the Pegs directly with the Balls. Eventually the Pin will deflect into the Pegs, that’s the biggest score.

  2. You can recycle the Balls with the ‘Z’ key at any time, but note that this simply forces them to recycle immediately, interrupting their current motion.

Using a Slider Control:

This Gizmo has one slider: the Deflector [1].

A Gizmo Slider is an object controlled by moving the mouse. For best results, click once on the Slider object and release. This locks the mouse onto the slider allowing you to control it by moving the mouse (without having to hold the mouse button down). Click anywhere else to unlock the mouse.

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