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Mebendazole human dose, a 50-μg oral dose of this canada prescription drug use agent was tested for its effects on human immunodeficiency virus in experimental studies. The human dose of this agent tested (250 mg) was not clinically effective in the clinical testing of this drug. [0028] In addition, the studies were conducted so as to minimize the possibility of a potential adverse effect, such as an allergic reaction, to a subject taking the drug. It is recognized that all of the adverse reactions discussed with regard to diclofenac in detail above may occur with the exposure of a subject to this compound and with any doses of this compound below that which would be administered to a subject. As such, mebendazol online kaufen use of such concentrations should be strictly limited to the minimal dosage needed test drug or compounds for their safety and effectiveness in a specific clinical use patient. For instance, when a subject is to receive more than a dose of this drug, or more than 250 mg for a single dose, there can be substantial risk of an adverse reaction. Such a subject will therefore not take part in drug testing and will remain uninformed as to whether the drug tests are successful or unsuccessful. There can be significant risk of subject receiving a dose diclofenac that is more than necessary for a given clinical use, but still within the range of concentrations that were considered to be adequate for that purpose before the studies were begun. Such subject would be unable to accurately ascertain whether an adverse reaction occurred as a result of drug testing, or whether the was considered to be effective in this specific clinical use. [0029] Accordingly, the present invention contemplates studies in which a subject will receive, in single dose, a dose of diclofenac (250 mg/day, by weight). The dose of diclofenac (250 mg/day) is more than sufficient to provide the desired therapeutic response and to prevent any unacceptable adverse effects. [0030] The present invention also contemplates studies in which, when the clinical practice, a subject is to receive, in a single dose, dose of diclofenac (250 mg/day, by weight), that is more than adequate to provide the therapeutic response and to prevent any unacceptable adverse effects. Accordingly, diclofenac (250 mg/day, by weight) doses are Drugstore coupon code cabin to be administered humans for human therapeutic testing indications not indicated in the claims. Because studies are contemplated for use only in accordance with Schedule D, as described above, subjects will not use this drug in human clinical practice. [0031] The subject has received doses of diclofenac in oral dosage form of 1/2 to 1/4, for instance, in amounts of from 100 mg to 500 per day. DETAILED mebendazol apotheke kaufen DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION [0032] The invention contemplates a method of treating human, in vivo, by administering one of the compounds as described herein, which compound is at least one of the present invention. In a preferred embodiment for treating subject, the compositions are administered at doses of from 10 mg to 1000 per day. In a second and/or alternate embodiment, the dosage of compound is from 10 mg to 1000 per day. Although preferred doses are