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Model Tab
The items in the upper portion of the Model Tab all relate to the new Flex Tools (advanced options for Moving, Rotating & Reshaping).
The ‘Options for Edit Tools’ in the lower portion of the Model Tab can be used with or with out the Flex Tool options. They are simply an expansion of the snapping & matching options we have in version 2.

1. Move Snapping
Move Tools snapping options. Essentially they allow you to snap the ends or centers of objects to one another. These options are best understood when seen in use (Related Video Link above).

2. Move Alignment

Object Angle - Align moved object's to the Y axis.
Touch Angle - Align the moved objects Y axis perpendicular to any surface you touch.

Model Tab
Top section is related specifically to Flex Tools. Alignments, CleanUp and Minimums are general-purpose and may be useful with any selection of objects.

3. Flex
Shortcut for the Single Object Flex Option, one of the Flex Tools most useful features.Stretches a single object with a fixed endpoint (works with Cones, Cylinders, HyperRods, Ellipsoids and Cylinders). These checkboxes duplicate a combination of the full Flex Tool options (with many fewer clicks - and without entering the Flex Tool mode).
Again, the Videos are the best place to learn about this tool.

Flat HRod Caps - Forces the end caps of HyperRod objects to become and remain flat. This is essential when using Flex, otherwise the caps tend to elongate in a non-useful way.

Use Cam XY Checkbox - Overrides the Tool palette Move Tool coordinate settings when using the Flex Option (so that it always uses Camera XY).

4. Mirror X-Axis
When checked. The objects(s) you are moving snap to the X-Mirror location of the surface/object you touch.

5. Inherit Radius -
When checked. The objects(s) you are moving inherits the radius of the touched object (or some percentage of the touched object's radius).
The moved will be dynamically reshaped as you drag & snap to other objects in your scene.