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Scene Context Menu

Right Click or Control-Click on Background in Workspace

1. Flex Range Wires, Flex Property Wires

Toggles interface wireframes overlays used with Flex Modeling Tools.

The ‘Range Wires’ should be on when using any Flex Tool - they indicate the range and Anchor Point of the tool.

The ‘Property Wires’ are only needed when setting or visually confirming the ‘FlexForm’ tags (see Modeling Tools - Util Tags).

2 . Show/Hide Options

Show or Hide any Primitives. Hidden objects can not be selected (so they are never affected by any editing tool). Hidden objects will not be included in any SeamNet Mesh.

3 . Export Mesh Generation & Display options.

These three items allow you to preview your mesh in the workspace prior to exporting.

The ‘Display’ item switches Mesh Previews on/off (it triggers the mesh generation when switched on).

‘Refresh’ is used to update the mesh (after you change settings, like Density).

The ‘Export Mesh Display’ item offers several flavors of the OpenGL mesh display (works instantly - does not trigger mesh generation).

These same functions are available in the Output Panel.

Object Context Menu

Right Click or Control-Click on any Object in Workspace

There are some new options, and several new and old options have been updated to work on a single object, or a selection of Objects. If no objects are selected, the option applies only to the clicked object. If more than one object is selected, you will be asked if to want the option to apply to the selection or just the clicked object.

1. Put Selected Objects in This Object’s Group

Any selected objects will be assigned to the Clicked Object’s Group -- An easy way to add objects to a Group without having to go to the Selections & Groups Panel.

2. Send Object Home, Zero Rotation

Send Object Home has been extended to handle selections. Selections are moved as a group, maintaing their relative positions.

3. Set Object to Mirror of Selected

Makes the Clicked Object a X-Mirrored version of the Selected Object. Mirrors location (relative to GroBoto’s World Center), Rotation, and copies object’s shape parameters (shape only copied if both objects are of the same type).

4 . Hide Objects

Convenient way to hide a single object (without having to select it first... ‘tho it will work on selections as described above). 

5 . Duplicate Options

‘Duplicate in place’ creates duplicate object(s) in exactly the same location as the originals. ‘Duplicate & Mirror’ mirrors the objects in World X (world X is the only symmetry supported in this beta version).

6. Base Mesh Key Density on Object’s size.

Convenient way to set SeamNet Mesh Density Key based on a single object (without having to select it first). It duplicates the button in the Output Panel.

7 . Bot Mirror Objects

Set mirror points for Bots Only. All new Modeling and snapping tools use the center of the world as their mirror point. Bots can still have arbitrary mirror locations.

GroBoto’s Main Menu Bar has one new Menu Item, ‘Beta’.

Modeling Tools

The most significant item in that menu is ‘Modeling Tools’. It opens the new Modeling Tools Panel.

More Info Here

The remaining items are simple beta testing aids.

Mesh Render Snapshot - Our Render to File feature has never supported saving polygon rendering to file. We hope you will share your GroBoto-to-other-apps workflow with the world. This item allows you to save a higher resolution image of your SeamNet meshes.

Mesh Preview AutoSave - This item enables/disables automatic saving of your scene just prior to any SeamNet mesh creation (previewing or exporting). This will help us track down any remaining bugs by ensuring that the exact scene is preserved in the event of a crash.

More Info Here

OBJ Inspector - Does a simple analysis of any of our exported OBJ files. It detects things like ‘orphaned’ vertices or incomplete faces. We believe that we have eliminated all such errors. However, if your mesh fails to import into another application, it can be helpful in tracing the problem.

Translucent GroBoto - A kludgy little option that makes the entire GroBoto Window translucent. Eventually we hope to support importing images and/or meshes as references in GroBoto. In the meantime, this provides a funky way of referencing other images by simply placing the translucent GroBoto window over another app or image.

Main Menu Bar > Beta

Context Menu Additions

  Version 2.9.4 Additions/Changes

Selection Lock behavior Change:

You’ll notice that the selection remains locked at all times if you don’t specifically unlock it. This is a change from version 2 where auto-locking was less active. We made the change because GroBoto now has many tools that operate on selected objects and offers additional options when depending on what you click on (selected object, background, some other object).

One-Key Selection Options:

We have added some new selection options that all operate by simply pressing a single key (no modifier keys required).

These keys only work if the cursor is in the Workspace area of the GroBoto Window.

a - Select/Deselect single objects. Toggles selection of object under the cursor. Always adds to/subtracts from the current selection. Deselects all if the cursor is over the background. Note:Command-a still performs the standard ‘Select All’ function -- that’s one of the reasons we chose ‘a’ for this feature.

s - Toggles Selection Lock.

  Version 2.9.4 New Key Commands

For Build 2.9.9 Mesh Creation Changes, please Click Here to go to the SeamNet Mesh Section.v3_betaDocs_MeshNew.htmlv3_betaDocs_MeshNew.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0

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