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Mesh Notes

Our beta meshes are far from perfect, but improving every week. They are very well suited for sculpting apps like ZBrush and Mudbox.

Please feel free to use these meshes in your own art. Please Credit Darrel Anderson as a collaborator, and please mention GroBoto if you post or publish the work .

These are typical meshes produced by Beta Build 2.90 - warts and all. The are solid, complete meshes, but contain a number of aesthetic flaws.

We recommend subdividing these meshes:

  1. After importing into another app, subdividing will fix irregular quads (ex. concave quads can cause rendering errors - they are extremely rare in our meshes, but do occur..

  2. Our meshes do contain some triangles. One level of subdivision will make them 100% quads.

  3. Subdivisions bumps the number of rows of regular quads along all seams up to 4. This improves the mesh response to sculpting tools -- allowing for clean enhancement of edges and seams.

Note: We plan on adding an option for performing one level of subdivision at generation/export time in GroBoto.

Mesh Characteristics:

  1. 99.x % Quads - a few Triangles - no ‘NGons’.

  2. Double row edge-loops on all seams and edges.

  3. No uv or texture support (yet... coming soon).

Mesh Imperfections:

There are several imperfections in our mesh output. All of these will improve in the coming weeks. The problems they create are mostly cosmetic, ‘tho they can interfere with later editing and sculpting in other apps.

  1. All caps are simple radial meshes which are not ideal in most cases (too dense and/or contain elongated polygons).

  2. The channel between the seam grids and native primitive grids have uneven width... again mostly a cosmetic problem.

  3. Ugly ‘clusters’. Dense collections of small and or narrow polygons (often fans of triangles) form at some intersections. These will be largely eliminated in future releases.

Sample SeamNet Meshes

thingAmaJig 0.3Meg

9.3K polys

blocHead9 0.5Meg

13.1K polys

flexForm5 1.2Meg

33.6K polys

templeFacade 4.6Meg

192.9K polys

blocHouse 1.0Meg

37.1K polys

trafficBot 2.4Meg

87.9K polys

OBJ files - Zipped - Click on thumbnail to download...

This info applies to both Mac and Windows Betas