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Bots & Meshes • Known Issues & Tips • Special Bot Configurations

Setting up Bots for SeamNet Meshes & Modeling.

GroBoto can create meshes from any wild arrangement of objects produced by Bots. However there are some specific Bot setups that create result in especially useful structures for both SeamNet Meshes, and FlexTool Modeling.

Ball & Rod Setup: We have a new Spacing option for  AutoBots... ‘Object Length Ball&Rod’.

Normal Object Length Spacing places all objects end-to-end. The Ball&Rod variation treats spheres differently... ignoring their length. In the example above, the Spheres are located at the exact point where the Cylinder ends meet. This makes a clean joint (no gaps or protruding edges).

Bot Settings:

  1. Strip Objects - One Sphere, One ‘Rod’ (Cylinder or Cone or HyperRod)

  2. Strip Sequence Stretch - 0

  3. Sequence - Obj Count

  4. Repeat - Checked

  5. Spacing - Obj Len Ball&Rod

  6. Object Rotation - Center Rot

This creates a clean mesh, (also makes an ideal ‘FlexForm’ structure for our new FlexTools - please see the video). The joining spheres should be slightly larger than the rods for this particular joint style ‘tho some very nice mesh topology can be had with other size relationships (see image below). The only thing to avoid is making them exactly the same radial size (this can happen when using the preset objects) -- that can lead to mesh ugliness.

Notes on Meshes & Bots ...continued

Bot Meshes & Sculpting

Our Bot-Based SeamNet Meshes are great for sculpting in apps like ZBrush and Mudbox. The intricate patch & seam network offers a rich set of grouping and masking options.

Here are a few GroBoto-to-ZBrush Examples.

This info applies to both Mac and Windows Betas